It’s Time to Change the World

Does anyone else just feel tired? Feel like screaming enough with all of this? Enough with the wars, hatred, violence, greediness, selfishness, sexism, racism, homophobia, disempowerment, degradation, religious nonsense, governmental dehumanising oppressiveness. All of it. It’s like a bad joke that’s stuck on repeat. If we simply cared for the health and the well-being of not only our own species but other forms of life and the planet as well, then we would not implement a system that is currently in place. We have so much potential as a species, but we are wasting it by quarrelling over nothing but outdated, barbaric rubbish.

Think of a world where newborn babies awaken to find a heavenly garden to flower and grow in rather than a world torn by delusion. Where the happiness of children is not killed by society when they come of age, but their playful manner remains radiant until old. Where teenagers are not subjected to the identity tormenting conflict that takes place internally and externally but instead they express themselves freely with one another. Where Men and Women both do not waste their lives serving a system as slaves to be rewarded with money so that they can live, but rather are provided with the necessities for human survival through the advancement of automation and unity of the human race. Where the brilliant minds among us gather monthly in publicly viewed conferences to converse with one another about the real problems we face as a species and how we can address the issues so that they can be solved. Where cities all around the globe host great social gatherings and parties most nights for all ages to attend, so that information through the spreading of knowledge can be learnt as a connection to one another can be felt. Music and dancing

Music and dancing takes part at these nightly parties, people from everywhere come to laugh and vibe out to the frequency of love being actively emitted from such an environment. We are intelligent enough to make this happen, but we’re just acting so stupid. It’s time to change the world.


Image by: Mohamed Nohassi

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