Consume, Be Silent, DIE

If the information hasn’t reached your awareness yet, I’d be more than happy to inform you on the current situation we face as a species. Since we were children, all of us have been drugged up on the most controlling, conditioning and linguistically reinforcing hallucinogen.. culture! And what does culture want to tell you? It wants to tell you how you should live, how you should experience the wonders of life and see the beautiful world. It morphs your mind into a consumer who silently follows the nonsense, ignoring the powerful source of love that screams at you from the inside to do what you truly feel. It forces you to serve a system that will simply replace you when you die. It gives you an identity and structures a role for you in society. It influences you to partake in dehumanising games so you want to dress a certain way and present your body with particular features that are fundamentally meaningless.

Listen, there’s something I feel that is terribly important to tell. As you are, naked, and I mean TRULY naked – where you do not wear makeup, clothes, ideologies, religious beliefs and prejudices, I mean when you expose THE REAL YOU; I cannot help but to see no difference between that version of you and a star. Both are radiantly pulsating the same pure ingredients of life and emitting the marvellous divinity qualities of the universe. You’re beautiful, powerful, magical and incredibly significant. Don’t infect that perspective and limit it to what culture will give you, where you’re just another American, or Australian, or Indian, or white, black, Mexican, Asian, what have you. Don’t consume, be silent and die. Produce, sing and live! Find the others!

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