Life is Amazing: You are Amazing

It is incredible that any of this exists. As life – you are naturally astonishing. To be an organism flying through the cosmos on a spaceship that grows lifeforms while orbiting a star which lightens the spectacle to be seen is strangely beautiful. And to add on to that, the intricacy of magic woven throughout the complexity of your anatomy so that you’re able to contain an entire universe inside of you is surreal. Physically, and mentally – you exude the pure essence of magic. Real magic. Therefore, once you start to see life for what it really is, your way of thinking changes – and consequently – your reality. However, many attempts are at play to control your thoughts. Infectious illusions that brainwash you to perceive a reality where you’re just some *Insert: race, age, religion, occupation, social status, financial situation, educational level, nationality, attractiveness, etc.* human who needs to be told what to do and how to live. Take a step back, marvel at the stars, breathe in a little – and smile knowing that it’s just a game. There is an entire universe awaiting you outside of it! It’s where you can find many of us, where you feel alive. I’ll meet you there.

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