Look Within

As for advice to whoever is reading this, present or in future, find the non-physical beauty within by forgetting the external nonsense such as your physical attractiveness in the eyes of society or your acquiring of materialistic possessions. And this isn’t just a post stating some generic/cliché inspirational message for the easy likes with a relevant picture; I genuinely suggest for you to disbanded that anxious search for (fake) happiness in miserable areas that reside in the human game. For there is this……(hard to put words to) gorgeous nature about you, ungraspable by petty titles and physical illusions. It’s available for you to see when you dream, imagine, wonder, love.. And I am speechless when I think about it. The bright, vibrant grace of its touch dwarfs anything known here in the physical domain. So to ignore it would be like never looking up at the night sky and seeing the attractiveness of stars. Because, the vast beauty that you see out there in space is also found all within you – but it is obstructed by the delusion of our game like the city lights pollute the vision of the milky-way galaxy. To see it, all you have to do is look at yourself completely naked. Which involves no language, no culture, no religion, no science, no ego. And there, you will see what a newborn does when he/she enters the world and looks into their mother’s eyes for the first time. You really have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?

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