Find Us

Think about the circumstances we are in. To define life as mundane and yourself as unspectacular is to ignore all of the surrounding magic and to only focus on the illusion of the human world. We grew out of and live on an organic spaceship flying through an ever expanding universe that formulated Earth while we are awestruck by the force of love and have the ability to dream anything we can imagine! How mysteriously wonderful and boundless is the situation!? But you see, this isn’t spoken of, nor encouraged in nearly all cultures – for it causes one to step outside of the petty, insignificant game of worrying about egotistical matters which is not such a “healthy” individual to have in modern societies. Therefore – it’s why most people who do expand their consciousness and wonder about these peculiarities tend to feel lonely. Hang in there. I want you to know that you are not alone, the others are coming, the world is changing – humanity is awakening. Find us.

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