The Art of Sex

The stigma on sex found in our Western culture is evidence of the last oppressive push for control by the dominance of those in power that fortunately for us has failed halfway through its mission. Take away one’s sexuality and the consequence is a half made person living eternally divided, therefore – more likely to find completeness and wholeness in areas such as nationalism, culture, race, and society. What does sex have to do with any of this? Read More

Introduction to Life; End the Meat Industry Part II

Think about the circumstances we and every living being are faced with as we roam this planet in an attraction to stay alive. We grew out of and live in an organic spaceship flying through an ever expanding universe that formulated Earth while we are awestruck by the force of love and have the ability to dream anything we can.. Read More

Power To The Feminine

When something is not equally stable, problems are more likely to arise. This is what I believe the state of male and female influence on our world to be in. There is a significant lack of female input in this world, from politics to business, to relationships and personal development – resulting in a world of male dominance. Read More

Meditation: A Brief Summary of the Essentials

To be in touch with the now can be achievable through a form of meditation. By centralising one’s mind on the specifics of a natural experience, such as the art of walking, you will soon realise that your mind will be captivated by the movement of walking, resulting in your thoughts quieting down, leaving you entirely in the felt moment – the eternal now. Read More