Why Your Culture Hates You

In 1988, Terence Mckenna – a well-known American philosopher, psychedelic enthusiast, ethnobotanist and humanitarian; provided an awakening message that identifies an obstacle for someone who desires to be happy. And that message was: “Culture is not your friend.” But what exactly did Terence mean by this? How does culture impact your happiness and does it truly hate you? Read More

Power To The Feminine

When something is not equally stable, problems are more likely to arise. This is what I believe the state of male and female influence on our world to be in. There is a significant lack of female input in this world, from politics to business, to relationships and personal development – resulting in a world of male dominance. Read More

What is Death?

Death is mysterious, strange and fascinating. However – it’s incredibly contradictorily ubiquitous and therefore ordinary. No matter where you are in life there is a tremendous amount of death occurring; internally and externally. Therefore, why is it that we cannot completely comprehend what it is to die and understand the very essence of what haunts the living? Read More